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// existence loop
  while( StuffTokenExpenditure >= StuffTokenHarvesting )


Many years later, Person A came to a clichéd but rewarding realisation: Stuff Tokens were not the most important thing in life; two other abstract concepts were of greater value: time and happiness (also known as "Smiley Face Moments"). Therefore, “job” was abandoned at the earliest opportunity, and short-term time was exchanged for potential long-term happiness. Thus, Sludj Games was born.


Many more years (and several failed prototypes) later, and piece of software was generated which was designed to facilitate the purchase of happiness using the currency of time.


And that brings us to Wrongworld...

About Sludj

Once upon a time, a human male (known as “Person A”) was born in the upper-left bits of England. Eventually, the linear passage of time forced Person A to stop being a baby/toddler/child/teenager and he realised he needed to conform and get a so-called “job”. At the time (circa 1840s), “jobs” provided a way for a human to slowly destroy their own soul in exchange for “Stuff Tokens”. Typically exchanged for foodstuffs and other less-important consumables, “Stuff Tokens” slowly diminished over time due to relentless survival needs, resulting in a never-ending cycle of Stuff Token Harvesting > Stuff Token Expenditure > Soul Destruction > Repeat. ‘Such is life’, he thought, and envisioned his minor existential crisis as a simple while loop: